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Chinas Taiwan relations:  not only economic competition

Party, leadership and deadlock of the cross-strait relation

Time is leading to a cross-strait war?  

Chinas Taiwan policy: from idealism to realism

Chen Shui-bian's challenges to the cross-strait relationship

People's power in Taiwan and its impact on China


"Carrot an stick":Chinas Taiwan policy

Tang Fei and the deadlock of the cross-strait relations


China's new Taiwan policy




Lee Yuan-ze and the cross-strait relations

Who is making decision on Taiwan?

Behind the hardliner of the Chinese leadership

New deadlock of the cross-strait relationship

Is it necessary to return to Lee Tung-hui?

The CCPs illusion over Taiwan

Domestic Affairs and Chen Shui-bians China Policy




The Problems of China’s USA Policy




How the US presidential elections affect the cross-strait relations?


Join the WTO and adjust Sino-US relations







How the Chinese Communist Party learns from the decline of the Nationalist party in Taiwan

How the US will adjust its China policy?








Foreign Policy


China’s New Thinking on its Asia Policy

China needs to adjust its Asian policy


Rethink about Sino-Russian relations


China faces transition of its international strategy

How China adjust its Asian policy  

The poverty of Chinese foreign policy