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  China Policy Consulting Group    04.25.2001 10:54:22      

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Today's highlights

Virtue--a secret weapon for conservative policy

Crippled Central Government

The Rise of the“  China Economic Threat”  Theory

Where to search for wisdom for the Taiwan Problem?

The Problems of China's  USA Policy

The information age: benefits and costs for the Chinese government





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      FieldworkChina is the website of China Policy Consulting Group.  China Policy Consulting Group is the leader of information and research provider on China's government policy and decision-making.  We provide (1) first-hand information that our affiliated researchers and experts gather in China and Taiwan; (2) recent research and analysis reports on politics, government policy, and culture and society on both Mainland China and Taiwan; (3)quality consultant services on government policy and decision making on both side of Taiwan Strait; and (4)weekly review of current situations in China and Taiwan.  Our purpose is to present readers a comprehensive view of economics, politics, and society in contemporary China and Taiwan


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