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  China Policy Consulting Group    04.25.2001 10:56:18        

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Weekly Report

Today's highlights

Virtue--a secret weapon for conservative policy

Crippled Central Government

The Rise of the“  China Economic Threat”  Theory

Where to search for wisdom for the Taiwan Problem?

The Problems of China's  USA Policy

The information age: benefits and costs for the Chinese government







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The old regime and new democracy--is there a third way for China...(part1)  how can China move to a new democracy by reforming  its current political system? This is a project outline. (exclusive) 



Virtue--a secret weapon for conservative policy



The Rule by Virtue and Confucian Socialism

How China's National People's Congress Is Weakened?

Whose Interests that NPC Represents?

China's emerging concerns on the issues of political successors








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